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We're a modern metal / Visual Kei band and we're looking
for a bassist who wants to create music and play live shows with us.

We’re located in Northern Germany, with a rehearsal room in Hamburg. 

Being in travel distance is required but living close isn’t necessary since we do writing and recording remotely.

Our current goal is to release and promote our first full-length album. 
You should be willing to put effort, money and time into that.

As for live shows, we use backing tracks and are currently building our own in-ear system. Playing to a click is required.

You also need to be able to play our songs, do bass recordings, editing and demoing on your own. 

Conceptual looks, heavy make-up, and expressive outfits are also part of our band's identity.
Taking part in this or even being interested in it is very important to us.

If you’re interested in being a part of GAZTREA or have any questions about us or being our bassist, don’t be shy and write us a message.

We’d be happy to welcome you as our bassist and grow this band as big as possible!


- Kal, Lia, Momo, Sai



For Inquiries please provide us the following information: 
- Name, Age, Location & ability to travel
- Some Info about your inspirations and goals as a musician
- a demo of your playing( isolated)

- something about yourself. Let's get to know each other


Press COverage

"GAZTREA vereinen Visual Kei, Metalcore, Pop und Gothic zu einer erlesenen Melange, deren einzelne Aromen die Geschmacksnerven verwöhnen. Ihr enormer Facettenreichtum offenbart sich mit jedem Schluck etwas mehr."  - Orkus! Magazin

Die halbe Stunde, die GAZTREA auf der Bühne standen, ging leider viel zu schnell zu Ende, allerdings mit einem wirklich bleibenden Eindruck. Die letzten Töne, die der Sänger anschlug, waren so hoch, das man es so schnell nicht vergessen wird."  - Sharpshooter Pics


"tighte Gitarre, wuchtiger Bass, knackige Drums und über allem thronend Sänger Kal mit einem mix aus Shouting, clean Vocals, angetäuschten Ausflügen in Opernbariton-Gefilde und garniert mit gelegentlichen, ultrahohen Screams , die so manchen Power Metal-Sänger unbarmherzigst deklassieren." -  Count Your Bruises Magazine



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